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WordPress Settings

Configuring Your Site Settings

In this tutorial, you will learn to configure your WordPress settings. From the WordPress Admin Dashboard menu, select Settings > General. You will also see several other options under the Settings menu. We will update settings on all these options except the Media option.

No matter which theme you install on your site, the settings options will always need to be set on a brand new site.  If you install a new theme, these settings will remain in place. The instructions below provide quick instructions on what to edit on each settings screen.

Settings > General: Update the Tagline, the Timezone, the Date and Time formats, and the Week Starts On fields.

Settings > Writing: Update the Default Post Category to the “Articles” category or whatever category you set up to use as your default.

Settings > Reading: Check the option display the Front Page as a static page. Then for the Front page select the Home Page and for the Posts page, select Blog. Select the option next to Search Engine Visibility so that search engines won’t find your site. Then when your site is complete, deselect this option.

Settings > Discussion: This section controls comments on your website.  It is not a good idea to allow comments since it allows users to write to your database. Deselect the first 3 options on this page to disallow comments. This will provide security for your site and minimise SPAM.

Settings > Permalink: The permalink settings control how your page links show up. Select the Post name option and then click save.

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