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We provide all the updates and website maintenance services required to keep your website running smoothly and without interruption.

There is a lot of responsibility that goes into owning your own website and you pay for every little thing separately. When you host your website on InDTexas.com, maintenance is included that covers technology updates, upgrades website backups and website security. It can be quite costly and even overwhelming when you host your own website.

There are hundreds of ranking factors that go into Google rating a website. Some of these factors are related to marketing and some are technically based. That’s why hosting your website with us helps you to avoid all of this. We take the worry out of SEO and other site optimization chores that are required to have a good website ranking.

In addition, our “Do it yourself” services are as easy as fill in the blanks. If you follow the easy guides, you will still have a site optimized to produce results. No need to call a professional.

Sometimes all you want is the responsibility of building your business. No worries! If you require simple page edits to information about your company that changes, no problem!  With Premium Support, we change out images, contact information and other descriptive content necessary to keep your pages up to date. We even provide initial setup at a low cost. Just contact support and we will assign a dedicated team member to assist you.

Additionally, we provide SEO monitoring to ensure your microsite ranks at the top of Google for select keyword phrases related to your industry.  Our priority is to take the worry of website maintenance and support off businesses so they can focus on generating traffic and leads.

Website Maintenance Services Included

  • Premium Website Support
  • Website Security
  • Site Backups
  • SEO Monitoring/Reporting
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Automatic Technology upgrades



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