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Editing WordPress Content In The Leadzy Theme

You are now ready to add WordPress content to the Leadzy theme. You will replace all of the default content with your own content.  It is a good idea to gather all of your images and text in advance.

The content you will need is a large banner image and if you plan on using a slider instead of a banner, you will need several images.  The Leadzy theme comes pre-populated with content and images.  Be sure and replace all of the default content so that your website does not get scanned with inaccurate content.

Each of the sections are labeled so you know which section you are adding. The video below walks you through how to edit the content.

If you have a graphic designer, you will want to provide the image dimensions listed for the images required for this site.

Start by editing each section then clicking “Publish” or “Update” after you enter your content to save it.

Edit the hero section by adding your own banner image or slider using the dimensions listed below.

WordPress Theme: Edit Hero SectionYou also have the ability to edit the CTA button color, text and link.

Feature Boxes

Edit WordPress Theme: Feature box
There are 4 feature boxes. Click the “Add Image” button to replace the images using the dimensions shown. Enter a title and short description for the featured image. This section is good for portfolio items, featured products, etc.



Location Information

Enter your address information as shown below.  When you enter your phone number, enter it without spaces like in the screenshot.

Edit Location Info

Edit The Google Map

To add a map, simply enter an address and press enter. You may enter a photo of your business location or you may use a promotional photo in this space.
WordPress Theme: Edit Photo and Map

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