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Website Setup

You will need to create new WordPress pages and sample blog posts for the setup of your site.  You will need to create dummy text inside of the posts, however. Don’t worry, you can change the content after you are all setup.

Most WordPress themes come standard with a default page layout which displays the latest blog posts. However you will want to customize your home page by assigning it a page template. You will also want to perform other basic configurations.  This tutorial will get you well on your way to creating your site.

  1. To create a new page. Go to Pages > Add New. Enter a Page Title and label it “Home” or Home Page.
  2. From the Page Attributes section on your right, change the Template from “Default Template” to “Home Page.”
  3. Click the blue Publish button on the right of your screen.
  4. Next, go to Pages > Add New to create a page titled Blog, then click Publish. Leave the page template set to the default template. The blog page will display a list of posts or news articles you publish under “Posts.”

Now let’s set up these pages to display the content on the Home page and Blog page based on the assigned page templates.

  1. Go to Settings > Reading and check the Radio button next to the text which reads: A static page (select below).
  2. For Front page select “Home.”
  3. For Posts page select “Blog.”

wordpress reading settings


Finally you will want to set up a few sample blog posts so that you can see how your blog page will look whenever a new post is added. It is similar to creating pages:

  1. Go to Posts > Add New. Enter a Page Title Sample Blog Post 1. Now put some dummy text in the page and click the blue Publish button on the right of your screen.
  2. Repeat this process a couple more times to generate a list of blog posts on the Blog page.
  3. To view your posts, from the left menu in the Dashboard go to Pages > All Pages and click on the link for the Blog page you created.
  4. Once the page editor appears, click on the “View Page” button to see your page. You should see a list of the blog posts you just created.

Later in this process you will be asked to set your default category so to prepare we will set up your Post Categories using the instructions below.  You may set up all of your categories now or only the default.

  1. Go to Posts > Categories and under “Add New Category” in the “Name” field type in a category labeled “Articles” and press enter. You can add additional categories the same way.
  2. Delete the category labeled “Uncategorized.”

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