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How Do I Create A Professional Email Account?

You can create a professional email account to match your domain such as yourname@yourdomain.com. Instructions vary depending upon the registrar. We have listed instructions for the most common ones. GoDaddy

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How Do I Use My Domain With InDTexas.com

If you already have a domain you can point your domain to your website at inDTexas.com. Instructions vary depending on the company where you registered your domain. We have listed instructions for the most common domain registrars. GoDaddy

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What if I did not receive the Signup verification email?

You should get an email confirmation. If you do not, it will not prevent you from signing in immediately and changing your password. You will see a message that looks like the image shown below. Simply click the link to sign in and access your account.

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Is Leadzy really easy to use?

Yes. You will find helpful tips and tools that are built into the platform. Please view our Getting Started videos found on this website. They contain instructions for basic setup needed for most websites, whether they are on the Leadzy platform or whether they are stand-alone websites. There are also additional instructions found only inside […]

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What type of website can I place on InDTexas.com?

InDTexas.com is great for hosting your business website because it allows you to receive customer inquiries for your product or service. You can also integrate your email service. It is perfect for most small businesses and individuals who need the ability to have a website presence to showcase their products and services, as well as […]

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Can I Add An Ecommerce Store To InDTexas?

While you can connect a Shopify or other eCommerce store to your InDTexas website, we currently do not support the setup of a store directly on the platform at this time. Please refer to instructions inside your account about linking PayPal buttons or links to payment for your product or service.

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Can I move my existing website to InDTexas.com?

Moving Your Existing Website Yes. You can keep your current website and also have a website presence with us or you may move all of your content here. Instructions are found within the dashboard or you may request Premium Support,

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Are Leadzy and IndTexas.com the same?

Leadzy vs. InDTexas Leadzy is the platform name used by InDTexas.com. It consists of website templates, custom tools/features and friendly dashboard interface.

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Do You Offer Professional Services

Services We Offer Yes. We offer professional services to help customers who may not have the time or would just prefer their site to be set up for them. Please contact us about specific needs you may have.

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Who are your websites best for?

About The Leadzy Platform If you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a blogger the Leadzy Platform will be a great solution for you. You can easily manage your online presence without the need to own a server or pay for expensive design and development.

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Do you offer help with website setup?

Website Setup We provide getting started instructions on the website and inside the dashboard, well as the option to have your site set up by our Premium Support Staff.

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Do you offer new domain names to customers?

New Domain Names Yes, if you do not have a domain name, you can purchase a domain name from within the dashboard under Tools > Domain Mapping.

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